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Meet Anthony

Anthony Hiller has dedicated his life to his first passion, urban public education. However, he is also an avid explorer – especially of urban centers. His upbringing and career have provided him three distinct regions of America to call his home base: The Midwest (Detroit), The Southeast (Charlotte) and, now, the Northeast (D.C.).  When he finds himself with time off, Anthony is most likely out traveling and exploring the world around him – typically by car – and mostly by his back-to-back Ford Focuses (or would they be called Foci?), Anthony has traveled to 43 states, taking in most of our nation’s largest cities (sorry Pacific Northwest – I’ll get to you soon!). In that time Anthony has attempted to capture through photography unique architecture, street life and the cityscapes that make up our country. His next goals are to capture his final 7 states and to really begin to take his travels further abroad.

Anthony would like to dedicate this website to Torsten, whose technical expertise and patience in the midst of dealing with Anthony’s never-ending grandiose vision for this website, were instrumental when it came to actually getting the site launched. Anthony would also like to thank his friends and family who have supported him and his love for exploring and photographing cities in numerous ways.

Please Note:

The images (unless otherwise noted) are the creative property of Anthony Hiller. Please do not use any image (for commercial or non-commercial reasons) without reaching out directly to Anthony.

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What cities will launch next? 


  • Next: Atlanta, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Dallas.
  • Then: New York, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Raleigh
  • Other cities may be added depending on opportunities to travel!
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